AI trading bot on cryptocurrency market

Get high income on your cryptocurrency account using the algorithmic trend bot. Easy launch and control. Only trading without transferring funds.


Supported exchanges


Innovative AI-based algorithm

Trend trading robot for BTC and ETH. Finds entry points based on historical patterns to catch strong and fast market movements.

Safety and secure

You don’t need to give us permission to withdraw, but only to trade. All API-keys are stored on a secure server.

Strong risk-management

AlgonautBot is ready for anything: each trade has a maximum loss size, and the total drawdown has never been more than 15%.

Escape zone

Position management with smart trailing stop - "escape zone". The bot exits from position if there is a threat of a trend change.

Cloud based

24/7 analyzing the market and trades even when you sleep. Without any installations, additional actions and human participation.

Control in personal account

Everything remains under your control: your personal account allows you to track the results and all transactions. You can turn off the robot at any time.

AlgonautBot past 3 years results

Average yield every year
Profit trades
Maximum drawdown
Average trades per month

Why choose AlgonautBot?

High profitability on both rising and falling trends

Bot trading allows you to make money even when cryptocurrency prices fall.

Investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT

If you like to HODL, increase the amount of cryptocurrency on your account using an AlgonautBot. No positions in cryptocurrencies? Make profit in USD(t) on powerful trend movements.

Stable algorithm with a proven results

AlgonautBot has been in operation since 2019, the average profitability per year when working with BTCUSD and ETHUSD is over 100%.

Your funds stand safe and secure on your exchange account

You do not need to transfer funds anywhere. Trading operations are executed by a bot using official exchange APIs.

AlgonautBot runs 24/7 and never misses a trade

You don't need to setup your own trading server. A bot is placed on a cloud-based server. Each user can manage the settings of his personal account on

Plans & Pricing



  • Yes
      $1,000 balance limit
  • Yes
      2 active trading bots
  • Yes
      Telegram & e-mail notifications
  • No
      Limited support





  • Yes
      $20,000 balance limit
  • Yes
      4 active trading bots
  • Yes
      Telegram & e-mail notifications
  • Yes
      Support 24/7





  • Yes
      No balance limit
  • Yes
      Unlimited trading bots
  • Yes
      Telegram & e-mail notifications
  • Yes
      Priority Support

How it works?

Create your AlgonautBot account. You also need an account on the cryptoexchange. If you don't have one, we will help you create it. AlgonautBot supports Binance and Deribit for now. Choose the suitable plan or try it for free.

Choose the trading currency and exchange where the bot will trade 24/7. Register API keys for your exchange account. Your funds stand safe and secure on your exchange account. AlgonautBot will never touch them directly and use official exchange APIs for trading only.

Turn on a bot and it will start trading immediately. AlgonautBot sends signals to the exchange and makes transactions on your account. The service eliminates the need for setup your own trading servers!

In your account, you can see the results of trading, enable or disable trading bots and manage all settings you need. Dashboard lets you keep full control of trading bot work.