Refund Policy

  1. General rules:

    1. This Refund Policy (hereinafter – the "Policy") governs withdrawal rights of the Users;

    2. We, acting through our support team may decide to change this policy in your favor on a case by case basis, however, our acts of good will shall not be interpreted as changes to the Policy as a general rule;

    3. Unless directly provided herein all capitalized terms in this policy shall have the same meaning ascribed to them in our Terms of Use.

  2. Conditions for the full withdrawal:

    1. Less than 24 hours elapsed from your purchase;

    2. You did not start using any Services prior to withdrawal application;

    3. You did not launched any Bot prior to withdrawal application;

    4. You have made the withdrawal request from the same e-mail as listed in your account;

    5. All before mentioned conditions shall be met in order to be eligible for a withdrawal.

  3. Withdrawal procedure:

    1. You shall make a written withdrawal request to The request shall be submitted from the same e-mail as listed in your account;

    2. After submitting the request you shall not activate your subscription package and shall not start using any Services. Doing so will be treated by as an affirmative consent by you to continue using Services and a waiver to your right to withdraw;

    3. We will deposit amount that you’ve paid for the Services to the same wallet and in the same currency within 14 days after the request. Due to statutory restrictions, we may not deposit said amount to any other wallet or make payment in any other currency that was initially used;

    4. We are not responsible for any commissions and taxes that may be applied by your payment service provider or applicable law of your jurisdiction when processing a refund.